Women at Hills Tri Club

Women at Hills Tri Club make up 38% of our membership base. However they sure love to race, as women make up 45% of athlets racing at our tri series!

Our race series is a friendly place to welcome new women to the sport of triathlon.We have a course that is 100% closed to all cars; a stright line open water swim along the shore; and we dont hand out prizes for 1st place so no one is really overly competitive – we are all about having fun and just doing your best :-)

Women get their own waves to start in at all our events so you dont have to line up along side the blokes. Each race we rotate who goes first – the men or the women.

Keen to follow women in triathlon? check out this webpage which does an amazing job!: Witsup.com

What our Hills Women have to say…

Donna McGrath

”Hills is the most inclusive Club I have ever come across – 3 years old or 83, fast or slow, as long as you want to give it a go the Red Army will be there cheering you on!”

How long have you been a Hill Tri Club Member?

12 years

What drew you to triathlon as a sport?

The challenge to race your best race. The variety in the training. The fun, supportive, energetic people involved in the sport.

Your favourite race event?

Still Club Champs, nothing better than the atmosphere of being part of a team.

Tell us your triathlon highlight so far?

Qualifying for The Australian team for World Champs this year. I set a goal 2 years ago when they announced that Worlds was going to be in Australia. Working towards and achieving that has been a huge achievement for me.

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club of you personally?

I love the social side of the Club (no surprise there for anyone who knows me). It’s such a fun group of people and I have made so many good friends through the club. I love traveling to races with others from the club and making it into an adventure that is so much more than just the race.

What is your tri goal this year?

To learn to swim before Worlds in September

Any tips or advice for women thinking about getting into the sport?

If you want to do a Triathlon go for it! The sense of satisfaction to do something just for you is awesome. There are people of all different shapes, sizes and speeds and everyone is just trying to complete their best race. I guarantee that there will be someone else there just as nervous as you.

Madi Hayward

“The Hills Tri Club provides such an enjoyable, supportive and professional environment which welcomes and caters for athletes of all ages and abilities.”

How long have you been a Hills Tri Club member?

Around 8 years.

What drew you to triathlon as a sport?

My dad started competing when I was in year 3 and after racing for fun ever once in a while until the end of year 7 I decided to commit seriously to the sport after having enjoyed racing and seeing how fast some of the other juniors were.

What is your favourite race event?

I love racing sprint distances at Kurnell and Big Husky + the Aus Day aquathon.

Your triathlon highlight so far?

An unexpected win at NSW All Schools last year.

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club to you personally?

I love having an opportunity to race with some of my best friends in such a relaxed, yet organised and professionally run environment. It’s always a great race atmosphere providing fantastic racing opportunities throughout the season.

What is your Tri Goal for this year?

As I’ve decided after the end of this season for me in a few more weeks it’ll be time to focus on my HSC. As I raced around the country following some of the Australian Junior Triathlon Series and at All School Nationals last year, this is a year to focus more on school and find a healthy balance with training.

What are your Tips or advice for women thinking about getting into the sport?

Triathlon is a sport which has opportunities for all abilities and is the type of sport that you can do at any stage of life and is 100% worth giving a shot. You don’t have to be fantastic at all 3 disciplines to be good and enjoy it, the challenge of the sport is half the fun.