Hills Tri Club Awards

2018 Hills Tri Club Presentation Night Gallery

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Our 2019 Annual Hills Triathlon Club Awards and Presentation Dinner

Where: Castle Hill RSL Club (Lyceum Room)
When: Saturday 3rd August 2019 from 6:30pm (pre dinner drinks, 7pm sit down)

Entertainment by MC Matt Harris and DJ Kerian from Bennett Productions.

Costs are Adult:$60 and children $20. This includes a 2 course dinner and drinks.

Click here to register.

Please contact Donna for any enquiries

Awards for 2019/2020 Season

(1st July 2019 – 30th June 2020)

Club Distance Awards

Male and Female awards for:

Enticer, Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman, Ironman

Award given for 1st place only.


  1. Eligible Races include: WTC, ITU, Triathlon Australia sanctioned races.
  2. The points for each race are based on a calculation of the athlete’s age group time and the winner’s time. Then multiplied by the points available for that race.
  3. Garmin Tri Series count for Club Champion calculation only (up to 4 sprint races and 1 club distance race, if run, can be included).


(Age group winner’s time (minutes)) / (Athlete’s time (minutes)) x Criteria Points = Points

Distance Criteria Points
Ironman 150
Half Ironman/ Ultimate 100
Olympic/ Club* 75
Sprint 50
Enticer 30

*Additional Points for Club Champs participation:

    • Full Club distance – 50 points
    • Half Club distance – 25 points
    • Junior Supersprint – 20 points
    • 25 points for volunteering

Junior supersprint and half club distance get 30 points plus 20 points bonus

Club Champion Award

Male and Female award. Accumulates all the points for the distance races below.

Max points listed only:

1 x Ironman = 150

2 x Half Ironman = 200 (100 max each)

3 x Standard/Club Distance (incl. Garmin Tri Series club distance race, if run) = 225 (75 max each)

4 x Sprint Distance (incl. up to 4 Garmin Tri Series sprint distance races) = 200 (50 max each)

Garmin Tri Series races CAN count as points towards Club Champion (up to 4 sprint races and 1 club distance race, if run), but these do not count for the individual Sprint or Olympic/Club distance award.

NB. (Enticer races, half club distance and bonus points do not count towards Club Champion)

Club Race Series Awards

Awards will be presented at presentation night to the first place only for each grade within Sprint and Enticer distances.

Point allocations are graded and finalised after the series is finished and is taken as an average of all your race times in the series.

Sprint distance

Male: A Grade            – Sub 65 min

Male: B Grade            – 65 min – 69:59

Male: C Grade            – 70 min – 79:59

Male: D Grade            – 80 min plus

Female: A Grade        – Sub 72 min

Female: B Grade        – 72 min – 81:59

Female: C Grade        – 82 min – 89:59 min

Female: D Grade        – 90 min plus


Enticer distance


Male: A Grade            – Sub 40 min

Male: B Grade            – 40 min plus

Female: A Grade        – Sub 45 min

Female: B Grade        – 45 min plus


General Criteria

Best 4 results out of 6 races will be counted in the points tally. No minimum number required.


Points will be awarded in the following order for each grade;

1st       – 10 Points

2nd      –  9 Points

3rd      –  8 Points

4th      –  7 Points

5th      –  6 Points

6th      –  5 Points

7th      –  4 Points

8th      –  3 Points

9th      –  2 Points

10th    –  1 Point

Eligibility for Hills Triathlon Club awards

Season – 1/7/19 – 30/6/20

  1. Volunteer (or have someone volunteer on your behalf) at one or more club races (including Duathlon (2019), Tri Series (2019-2020), Club Champs (2020)). Volunteers need to register with the Race Director (indicating for whom they are volunteering) prior to the race.
  2. Be a financial member of the HTC at the date of each race.
  3. For inclusion in the points tally for consideration for a distance award, your name, race name, distance and date should be emailed to:

results@hillstriclub.com (with the exception of Hills Garmin Series Club races) OR

Email your actual results to results@hillstriclub.com OR

Send a post via facebook to Hills Tri Club (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hills-Tri-Club/140355256010235) letting us know what race/s you have done.

Individuals are responsible for notifying the results team of your results**
After your race
Email your results to results@hillstriclub.com including:

1.   Your name

2.   Race name, distance and date of race

3.   Age category or email a screen shot of your results or a link to the results

4.   Age group winner’s time.


** Notification of Hills Garmin Tri Series race results is not required

Ensure you enter as a Hills competitor when you register for races


  1. Hills duathlon races are not included in the points tally as they have their own point system and awards are presented on the day.
  2. While it is strongly encouraged that all club members attend Club Championships, attendance at Club Champs is NOT a requirement to be in contention for club awards.

Other Awards

The John Edmonson Memorial Trophy

Most improved member over the Hills Garmin triathlon series. John Edmonson died from Adult Sudden Death Syndrome in 2004 after finishing Ironman Australia in Forster.

Most Consistent Triathlete Award

Over the club triathlon series. Best 3 of 5 sprint races (Enduro NOT included).

Hills Spirit Award

This award acknowledges good sportsmanship, courage & inspiration.

World Championship Representative

Recognition for club members who have represented Australia at World Championship events.

Kim Wilson Memorial Award

This is the President’s award to a member who has made a substantial contribution to the club throughout the year.

Kim Wilson Racing Award

Nepean Triathlon is the Kim Wilson Memorial Day. This is chosen on the Nepean Weekend of Triathlon and is a tribute to Kim who was all about friendship, competing and having fun. The awards are given on the best performance on the day as voted by the Management Committee members at the race.

Nepean Enticer 

(Female Male)

Nepean Classic

(Female & Male)

Ironman Award

This award was set up by Ron Smith, one of our founding members. The winners of this award are not necessarily the fastest, but are deemed by the Management Committee to have the best performance on the day at Ironman Australia.

(Female & Male)

Mark Samuels Club Champs Trophy 

Contested between LAPD and HTC at Club Champs


Enduro Race 

Winning mixed team at Enduro race, and winning ‘Couples’ team.

Junior Awards (Under 18)

Roy Preedy Memorial Award

Most Improved Junior

(Male & Female)

Junior Encouragement

(Male & Female)

Most Outstanding Junior

Hall Of Fame

Each year we present over 50 awards to members at our annual presentation night: The best of each distance from Enticer through to Ironman. The winners of our own tri series. Volunteer and support service awards. Junior awards.. The list goes on!

However the major award each year is given to our overall Club Champions. This award is based on mathematical formula to determine the fastest and most consistent races across multiple distances over the entire season. Refer to our award info tab for full T & C’s

The Hall of fame for our club champions is as follows:

Club Champions Women

2002  Lyn Wright
2003  Nadia Zanello
2004  Joanne Lum
2005  Nicki Mantova
2006  Nicki Mantova
2007  Deb Henniker
2008  Nicki Mantova
2009  Donna Ristev
2010  Stephanie Graves
2011  Monica Juhart
2012  Gillian Akers
2013  Gillian Akers
2014  Karen Tallis
2015  Neridah Lerchner
2016  Stephanie Graves
2017  Robyn Winn

Club Champions Men

2002 Greg Liddell
2003 Ben Wearing
2004 Chris Rainey
2005 Chris Rainey
2006 Chris Rainey
2007  Peter Goldie
2008 Chris Rainey
2009 Chris Rainey
2010 Matt Edsall
2011 Cameron Griffiths
2012 Tommy Morwood
2013 Brian Brady
2014 Drew Millar
2015 Drew Millar
2016 Drew Millar
2017 Greg Baxter