Hills Triathlon Club will be hosting the Garmin Tri Series. The Garmin Tri Series caters for all levels and abilities. There is a race for everyone, so if you are starting out in the sport, looking at staying fit and active or want to push yourself with some healthy competition against some top athletes then this is the race series for you!

To enter visit our racing page.

Sprint                                 750m Swim/ 20km Cycle/ 5km Run

Enticer                                250m Swim/ 10km Cycle/ 2.5km Run

Aqua Bike                           750m Swim/ 20km Cycle/ Dash to the finish line

Aqua Run                           750m Swim/ 5km Run

12 years                             250m Swim/ 10km Cycle/ 2km Run

10-11 years                        200m Swim/ 5km Cycle/ 1km Run

7-9 years                            100m Swim/ 2.5km Cycle/ 500m Run


Hills Member

Sprint, Aqua Bike, Aqua Run




12 year olds


10-11 year olds


7-9 year olds


No late entries, as briefing will be distributed on the Thursday prior to the race, rather than on the day.
  • There a number of important COVID-19 precautions we are taking;
    • Participants and parents/carers only, no spectators.
    • Check in volunteers will be asking questions about your health and if you have been to hotspots.
    • No late or on the day entries, and no sales of race belts.
    • No on-site briefing (it will be sent out via email).
    • Aid station on the run will be “grab and go” but bring your own run hydration if you can.
    • No presentations or prize draws on site.
    • No post race food.
    • It will be a come, race, go – and we are making adjustments to transition so you can get your gear quicker.
    • No dinky derby and teams as these encourage gathering.