• 2018 TriNSW Junior Club Champions

    Well done to all our juniors who won their first junior championship!

Kids/Juniors Triathlon

We currently have no active training sessions available. Please check back soon as we are planning more soon.

Junior Racing

At every Hills Tri event, we hold junior races as well as our main adults race that we are REALLY proud of! We don’t award medals for 1st place, at our events it all about having a good time, racing friends and setting personal best times.

All our races are in a safe environment that feature:

  • A straight line open water swim with no waves
  • Life saving IRB and paddle boarders on the water for safety
  • A bike course closed to all cars
  • Run course with aid stations
  • St Johns first aid officers on hand all event
  • A professional race kit with race numbers and transition area
  • Electronic timing

Junior Triathlon Distances

Enticer distance 250m swim / 10k bike / 2.5k run
12 years: 250m Swim/ 10km Cycle/ 2km Run
10-11 years: 200m Swim/ 5km Cycle/ 1km Run
7-9 years: 100m Swim/ 2.5km Cycle/ 500m Run

Junior Costs

Costs for juniors can be found on our racing page. Pricing starts from $20 for members and $25-27 for non-members

Enter via our race entry page.

Parent Volunteers

Parents please note that we can’t put on events without YOUR help. We need about 15 parents each race to help direct kids in the right direction (or they all get lost / go the wrong way / do too many laps.. Hey they’re kids – as soon as the first person does the wrong thing they all just follow blindly!).

In order to keep tabs on who is helping out and to ensure we have enough people, we have set up a volunteer registration at our race page. Please help out and don’t just stand there watching, only to then wonder why things don’t go perfectly on race day.

Training with Onebody

Onebody Indoor Cycling sessions allow you to use your own bike for the most specific training option available indoors. We use a multi-rider system of Computrainers combined with the latest software to provide you with power based resistance at the optimal level to improve your performance.  Book in via the app.

Tuesday 5.40am, 6am, 6.55am, 7.15am – 60min sessions
Wednesday 5.40am, 6am, 6.55am, 7.15am, 5.30pm – 60min sessions
Thursday 5.40am, 6am, 6.55am, 7.15am, 5.30pm, 5.45pm, 6,45pm, 7pm – 60min sessions
Saturday 5.40am, 6am – 90min sessions

Onebody Strength sessions

Onebody Strength, Conditioning & Mobility Training is suitable for athletes of all abilities that are looking to improve their sporting performance.

Tuesday Core Strength and Flexibility 6-7pm, Castlewood Reserve Castle Hill
Thursday Strength 5.45pm-6.45pm, Onebody Studio, 16/9 Hoyle Ave Castle Hill

Book in via the app

Active Kids

Please contact Jess from Hills Triathlon Club for the active kids coupon code.

Sign Up Process

  1. Parent goes to NSW State Government to claim Active kids voucher.
  2. Parent notifies secretary secretary@hillstriclub.com of the voucher redemption.
  3. Secretary logs onto the portal to retrieve child and parent details, confirms the package that the child receives.
  4. Parent purchases Triathlon Australia and Hills membership from Triathlon Australia – using the Hills Active Kids option when asked to purchase club membership.
  5. Secretary lists child and parent details on the spreadsheet and what package the child is receiving.

Before Each Race

  1. Secretary will create a coupon code via the Active Portal for the 7 to 12 year olds.
  2. Secretary will generate a random list of codes to use for 13-17 year olds.

During Race Entry Window

  1. Secretary will confirm who is using the coupon codes and who for to ensure parents are not claiming for children who have not chosen Hills as their Active Kids provider.

Race Entry Process: 7 to 12 year olds

  1. Parent will be given code at the start of the triathlon season that is to be used for entry to all races. It will be restricted to the 7-9, 10-11 and 12 year old races only, and only for Hills members.
  2. If the parent does not register their child for the race on time (Wednesday 9pm before the race date), the late fee will still be applied.

Race Entry Process: 13 to 17 year olds

  1. Parent contacts secretary@hillstriclub.com for a coupon code for each race after the race portal opens.
  2. Secretary will create a coupon code via the Active Portal and email the parent.
  3. Secretary will confirm the code redemption and mark off the use in the spreadsheet.
  4. Standard withdraw policy applies, has to be 7 days before the race.
  5. If the parent does not register their child for the race on time (Wednesday 9pm before the race date), the late fee will still be applied.

What our juniors have to say:

Grace Hayward

“Hills Triathlon Club is very organised, opened to athletes of all ages and abilities and all races are fun for everyone.”

How long have you been a hills tri club member?

7 years

What drew you to triathlon as a sport?

My dad has been racing and competing in triathlon for many years

Your favourite race event?

Hills Tri races

Tell us your triathlon highlight so far?

Placing 3rd at NSW all schools in 2017

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club of you personally?

Well run events and races as well as meeting great people

What is your tri goal this year?

Top 15 in run away bay and compete in the Australian Junior series

Any tips of advice for juniors thinking about getting into the sport?

Have fun whilst you are racing and take the opportunity at events to meet new people and learn from experienced athletes.

Tyler Durant

“Hills Tri Club is a great club with lots of really nice people who care about your success.”

How long have you been a member of Hills Tri Club”

2 Years

What drew you to triathlon as a sport?

I watched my father compete and wanted to join in.

Your favourite race event?

The Garmin Series race in the heat, it was challenging and so good to get it finished.

Tell us your triathlon highlight so far?

Travelling with my family to watch Dad race in the ITU World Championship in Chicago.

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club for you personally?

Being able to race with my friends.

What is your tri goal this year?

To race the Enticer distance in other states.Any tips or advice for juniors thinking about getting into the sport? You don’t need to have the best gear to compete, just go and race to have fun.

Mitchell Westhuizen

“Hills is a very happy, supportive and inclusive club which I am really proud to be part of.”

How long have you been a Hills Tri Club Member?

3 years

What drew you to triathlon as a sport?

When I was in Y6 I watched my Dad race in the 70.3 World Champs in Mont Tremblant, 2014 and thought then that I was going to compete at NSW All Schools the following year when I got to High School. I trained a bit for the race fortunately  I’ve always been a swimmer. So, I did NSW All Schools in Year 7 and loved every minute of the race – I think I came about 25th.  I thought then that I was going to train hard for the race the following  year and do it again. I did this – and started running at my school (Knox) in addition to continuing with my swimming squads at school.  Y8 came and I competed at All Schools again and this and I won the race and got to go and compete at Nationals at Harvey Bay.

Your favourite race event?

My first Harvey Bay Nationals in 2016 would have to be my all time favourite race.  It was run by School Sport Australia and   it was such fun.  The NSW team stayed in the same apartment as Victoria and we had all the other states staying close by. I loved going away and staying with the team

Tell us your triathlon highlight so far?

My highlight defiantly has to be racing around the country and racing on different courses. I’ve also made really great mates along the way.

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club for you personally?

I love this Club.  I’ve made such good friends with other Hills Tri Club members. Hills have also been very supportive of me and interested in my progress as a triathlete.

What is your tri goal this year?

I haven’t got one specific goal this year but I’d really like to continue developing as an athlete both on and off the course

Any tips or advice for juniors thinking about getting into the sport?

Go for it. Do a race, see if you like it, and if so start doing a bit of training.  You might surprise yourself at where it takes you…

Ella-Kate Hussein

” Hills Tri Club is a great place for Junior Athletes to learn all the skills you need to enjoy Triathlon.”

How long have you’ve been a Hills Tri Club Member?

I joined the Hills Tri Club in January 2017 in after competing in my local school zone Triathlon.

What drew you to Triathlon as a sport?

I was already a competitive swimmer and liked to run, when I was doing the school Tri I really enjoyed it and noticed that it was really fun.  When I did the first Hills race everyone was so nice and relaxed. I knew that I wanted to do more races.

What is your favourite race event?

My favourite event is the Enticer, so far I’ve really enjoyed racing this event the most at the Elite Energy Event in Canberra.

What is your race highlight so far?

I raced in the Elite Energy Super Sprint Event in Nowra, whilst the Jellyfish were not great, I had a really good run and was happy with overall 4th and 1st in my age group.

What are the benefits of joining Hills Tri Club for you personally?

I met our Juniors Coach Robyn at the first race and she helped me so much, her brick sessions gave me the skills to become draft legal and I’ve made some really great friends. My little sister can also race when I am racing which is pretty cool.

What is your Tri goal this year?

My goal is to finish in the top ten in the Australian ITU Triathlon Series for Youth B Women, I’m currently 10th and have one more race in WA to go.

Any tips or advice for women getting into the sport?

I think that you just have to give it a go, find a good group to train with ahead of time, and just try your best, no-one is judging you.