Race and Event Volunteers

Hills Triathlon Club can only run with the help of our wonderful volunteers. Each event requires about 25-30 people to help us!

To be eligible at the for an end-of-year award, you must volunteer at least once each season.

Friends/family can volunteer on your behalf if you are racing, and don’t worry, volunteer positions are all super easy and you’ll be told exactly what to do by our Race Director on the day.

Tri Club Volunteer Tasks

At each of our events we require volunteers to help in the below areas. In order to make sure we have enough helpers each race, we ask that you register as a volley (it also means your name gets marked off for awards night and you’ll go in the draw for lucky door prizes at the end of the race!) Our race entry page has links to register as a volunteer and we also list opportunities at the bottom of this page.

  • Race set up – Help set up tents, racks and the transition area.
  • Registration – Hand out race kits.
  • Junior support – Help out at the Junior race (parents with kids are STRONGLY encourage to help out with this is your child is competing).
  • Swim exit – Stand at the swim exit shore and help people get out of the water.
  • Transition – Direct people to the exit points of transition.
  • Bike mount – Tell people to get on their bike before the reach the bike course.
  • Aid station – Hand out cups of ice and water to people as they run (kids love doing this!).
  • Timing helper – Record race number and approximately times as people cross the finish line (this is then only used as a backup in case some timing chips don’t read).
  • Race pack up – Pack away the tents, flags, tables, and racks from the race

Please note that if you volunteer for an event then you won’t be able to compete in that event, unless you choose the setup/packup/rego options!

Race Volunteer Registration

To register as a please check out the race page and select the race you want to volunteer at.