Each year we present many awards at our annual presentation night. The best of each distance from enticer through to ironman, volunteer and support service awards, junior awards, the list goes on!

However, the major award each year is given to our overall Club Champions. This award is based on a mathematical formula to determine the fastest and most consistent races across multiple distances over the entire season. Refer to our club awards page for full details

The Hall of fame for our club champions is as follows:

Club Champions Women

2002 Lyn Wright
2003 Nadia Zanello
2004 Joanne Lum
2005 Nicki Mantova
2006 Nicki Mantova
2007 Deb Henniker
2008 Nicki Mantova
2009 Donna Ristev
2010 Stephanie Graves
2011 Monica Juhart
2012 Gillian Akers
2013 Gillian Akers
2014 Karen Tallis
2015 Neridah Lerchner
2016 Stephanie Graves
2017 Robyn Winn
2018 Joanne Lum
2019 Julie Howle
2020 Leah Smith
2021 Julien Howle
2022 Leah Smith

Club Champions Men

2002 Greg Liddell
2003 Ben Wearing
2004 Chris Rainey
2005 Chris Rainey
2006 Chris Rainey
2007 Peter Goldie
2008 Chris Rainey
2009 Chris Rainey
2010 Matt Edsall
2011 Cameron Griffiths
2012 Tommy Morwood
2013 Brian Brady
2014 Drew Millar
2015 Drew Millar
2016 Drew Millar
2017 Greg Baxter
2018 Shannon Lum
2019 Shannon Lum
2020 Dave McEwen
2021 Brice Morley
2022 Mark Strathern


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